Love is in the Air and Pancake Fun!!!

This week we have been so busy learning about lots of new things and taking part in activities themed around Pancake Day and Valentines.

breakfast-clipart-pancake-day-1 (1)Valentines-Day-Love-Rose-Petals

We all made a valentines heart biscuit as part of our Spread the Happiness Challenge and in order to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. We mixed the ingredients together, put them in the oven and then decorated them with red icing and sprinkles. They looked fantastic!!!


 Thank you so much to everyone who donated. We raised over £40, which is amazing!!!


 On Tuesday (Pancake Day) we all had a go at making pancakes with Mrs O’Leary. We mixed the ingredients together to make the batter then watched Mrs O’Leary flipping them high into the air. We think she should enter the Pancake Olympics!!!


 The best bit was tasting the pancakes and we all got to choose from a selection of different toppings. The most popular topping was chocolate spread. We listened to a story about a runaway Pancake and learnt a new song. Click on the links below to join in the fun at home.



Have a great half term holiday 🙂 We return to school at 9am on Monday 26th February.

Mrs Hall and Mrs Fortune 🙂 



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