Letters and Numbers

We have been very busy in Nursery making marks in lots of different ways. We have been learning how to draw circles, straight lines, wavy lines and zig-zags. Please see below and practise as much as possible at home with your child. Mark making can be done in lots of fun ways, not just by putting pencil to paper. We mark make outside with paintbrushes and magic water (water with food colouring in), chalks and make marks in messy things such as sand or shaving foam. If you would like any further ideas then please do not hesitate to ask.

2014-10-07 09.15.16   Mark-making-in-loose-tea-on-the-lightbox-from-Rachel   img_1199

We have also been practising how to form letters correctly using the cursive script that is used throughout our school. A copy of the cursive script was provided to parents during our last meeting and with the topic letter, however if you require another copy then please ask or see below.


At the moment we are working on forming the letters s and a correctly as these are the sounds that the children will work on first within phonics sessions. We use special writing ditties (rhymes) to help the children to remember how to form each letter. The cursive letters all start from the bottom. The ditties for the letter s and a are as follows:


Start at the bottom, up to the top, slither down the snake and flick.


Start at the bottom, up to the top, around the apple and down the leaf.

Nursery have also been very busy practising saying the number that is one more than. By the end of Reception, in order to achieve the Early Learning Goal, the children will need to be able to say the number that is one more than and one less than any number to 20. In Nursery we know that when we count forwards on a number track the number gets bigger and one more each time. Please practise using a number track and asking your child what is one more than a number. We have also been singing a special one more number rap song to help us to do this. If you would like to try this at home then please click the link below.


Thank you for your continued support at home.

Mrs Hall and Mrs Fortune 🙂


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