Free woodworking project for Salford residents

We have heard about a new project from Incredible Education – “Working in Wood”.

The new group centres around woodworking projects, through which participants will share their existing knowledge and build new skills.

It’s free to attend for all Salford residents over 18 years of age.

If you have lots of expertise in woodworking, then please go along and share your skills with new friends in the community.

Equally, if you have never picked up a tool in your life, but would love to learn a new skill and make some new friends, this group is perfect for you.

The group runs between 10 and 12 am every Thursday starting on the 8th June at the Tindall Education Centre, Tindall Street Allotments, off Tindall Street, Eccles, M30 7DF

All information can be found here: Flyer (2)

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