Firework Fun and Diwali Celebrations!

On Monday we have had lots of fun taking part in Bonfire/ Firework themed activities such as making bonfire pictures and decorating firework biscuits.

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 We found out information about Bonfire Night and now know why we always remember the 5th November each year. We talked about how people might celebrate Bonfire Night and had a visit from Firefighter Damien.


 Damien talked to us about the different things that we can do to stay safe such as wearing warm clothes that cover our arms and legs and how to hold a sparkler safely. He also taught us a special rhyme to remember.

Lighters, Matches

Never Touch

They can hurt you

Very Much.

After our chat we went outside and Firefighter Damien set off some fireworks for us whilst we ate our firework biscuits. After we had watched the fireworks we all enjoyed a drink of yummy hot chocolate together.


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Please click the link below to watch Fireman Sam’s Bonfire Night Safety Tips.


In Nursery we like to find out about different cultures and traditions. On Wednesday we found out all about the Hindu Festival of Light Diwali. We had a go at creating a class Rangoli pattern using different coloured rice.



Next week we plan to make Diva lamps. Traditionally Diwali involves the lighting of these small clay lamps to signify the triumph of good over evil. To find out more information about Diwali then please click the link below.


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