Exploring ICT in Nursery

Exploring ICT

In Nursery, we have been using lots of different ICT to support our learning over the last few weeks…

We have been using Beebots on the floor, to explore a Prehistoric land, programming them to travel to a specific place. Also we have played on a Beebots game on the Ipad to support us with this.


After reading and exploring the story  ‘Dinosaurs in the Supermarket’ we decided to make up our own story – “Dinosaurs in our Nursery.” Using an app on the ipads, we took photographs and added in dinosaur images. We used these pictures to help us create our version.

Look at our excellent facial expressions to show what we think about a T-Rex visiting our classroom!!


To support us in recognising 2D shapes and to continue shape patterns, we have been playing the ‘Shape Patterns’ game (Topmarks) on both the Interactive Whiteboard and using the Ipads.

You can play on this at home at:



Also using Smartie the Penguin to help us, we have been learning how to keep safe when pop ups appear on any technology we are on. We talked about telling a grown up when this happens.

Find out more at:


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