Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

We have some very exciting news…the eggs have started to hatch!!! Those of you who attended our Wednesday mix-up sessions may have be lucky enough to take a peek.

We currently have 5 lovely chicks. Once the chicks are hatched they will need to stay in the incubator for at least 24 hours until they are strong enough to be moved into the brooder box. Once in the brooder box we will be able to observe, feed and hold the chicks.

The children have decided on their names as follows:

Chick 1- Baby

Chick 2- Chase

Chick 3- Huggle

Chick 4- Thomas

Chick 5- Bushy

Here is a picture of the chicks cuddled up together having a snooze. They will look completely different once all of their feathers have fluffed up. We will keep you posted with any more news.




Thank you

Mrs Hall and Mrs Fortune 🙂

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