Chatting with our Spanish Pen Pals

Chatting with our Spanish Pen Pals

Yesterday everyone was excited in Year 4 because for the first time we chatted to our pen pals in Inca, Mallorca. We used the chat on Skype to do this. We asked them lots of questions and answered their questions about our lives.

We found out…

  • The temperature in Inca is currently 6 degrees but was sunny.
  • They don’t live near the beach but enjoy going there in the Summer.
  • Some of them have swimming pools at their homes.
  • 2 of the class visited in Manchester in December.
  • The money they use is called Euros.

They asked us…

  • What activities we enjoy in the Summer and the Winter
  • What money we use
  • If any of us had visited Spain or Mallorca
  • What the weather was currently like here

The class all said how nice it was to make friends in another country and to find out more about a different way of life.

Now we are going to send our pen pals photographs and letters using the Spanish vocabulary learnt in class. Also we hope to contact them via face time very soon.

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