Celebrating European Languages Day!

We had lots of fun in Nursery celebrating European Languages Day. Our class explored Italy.


We discussed that Italy was a different country and looked at where Italy is on a map. We learned that Italy looks a bit like the shape of a boot on the world map and that in Italy the people mainly speak Italian. We practised saying Good Afternoon (Buon Pomeriggio) and Thank you (Grazie) in Italian.

Italy_boot   large_detailed_illustrated_tourist_map_of_italy

We also had a go at making our own pizzas and enjoyed eating them whilst listening to some Italian Music. Yum, Yum!!

 alice daniel ANTONETHAN Nate Rocco

If you would like to listen to some Italian Music then please click the link below.

Italian Music


We discussed the colours of the Italian flag and then had a go at working together to decorate our own Italian flag . We now know that the colours of the Italian flag are green, white and red.

martha  dexter

An interesting fact that we found out is that The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are all named after famous Italian artists Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael.


We also found out that Italy hosts the Grand Prix Formula One Racing event every year at Monza race track. This year Lewis Hamilton won the Italian Grand Prix.


We had lots of fun watching an animated race as a class and had to take a bet which coloured car would come first. The red car won our race.


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