Attendance letters

This week, every child from Reception onwards will be taking home a letter telling parents and carers about their attendance. This is being done to help inform parents and carers as we all work together to support our children in getting the most out of their education.

Each child’s attendance will be colour rated as follows:

GREEN – Your child has over 95% attendance. This is excellent news as it means that your child is attending regularly and will be getting the most out of their education

AMBER – Your child’s attendance is between 95-90%. This means that your child could be missing important lessons and this may affect their progress. If it drops any further, your child may be referred to the Education Welfare Service.

RED – Your child’s attendance is under 90%. This means that they fall into the government’s category of PERSISTENT ABSENTEE. Having an overall attendance of 90% at the end of the school year means your child has missed 4 weeks of school which is 100 hours of lessons. It is likely that your child’s attendance has been discussed with the Education Welfare Service and your child may have been referred to them.

If you have any questions or you wish to discuss your child’s attendance, you can speak to me, Grace Thomas, during parents evening or arrange to see her at another time by contacting the school office on 01617903194

Many thanks.

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