Attendance and punctuality reminder

Well, 2018 has arrived and I know that there are a lot of exciting things being planned at school this term. To ensure that your child gets the most out of their school life and education, it is important to try and ensure that they arrive on time and attend regularly.

Here are a few reminders

* School starts at 08.55am and learning begins straight after registration. Therefore it is really important that your child arrives on time.

* If a child arrives after 08.55am, they will be marked with an L code – which is a late mark.

* If a child arrives after 09.30am, they will be marked down with a U code – which is classed as an unauthorised absence as they have missed over half an hour of school

* If a child is absent through illness or circumstances, it is really important that their parent/carer phones school to let them know as soon as possible. The number to phone is 01617903194. If school do not receive a phonecall, the child’s absence will be marked as unauthorised and will only be changed to authorised if a sufficient explanation is given for the child’s absence

Our school target for attendance is 96% and we aspire for every child in school to have over 96% attendance. We are grateful for all the support our parents and carers give to ensure that children attend school and arrive on time. If there are any issues about your child’s attendance or punctuality that you would like to discuss further, please do book an appointment to see me – Grace Thomas. You can do this by phoning the school office on 01617903194

Thank you

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