A visit from a nurse

A Visit From a Nurse

In Nursery, we are learning about people who help us. Everyone from teachers and doctors to mechanics and vets.

This week our focus has been about people who help us to get better. We have been singing and role playing the song ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’, thinking about how the doctor helps Polly, the equipment he uses to help her (such as his doctor’s bag) and how we can phone a doctor’s surgery to ask for help.

Also, on Thursday, a Nurse came to visit us in our classroom. We had some questions ready to ask her, and so we found out all about where she works, her uniform and how she uses a stethoscope and bandages. She even bandaged all of our hands!


When asked about what we knew about Nurses and our Nurse visit some of the children said:

“She put a bandage on me. She showed us soap for washing our hands and scissors for cutting bandages.” Jasmine A

“She helps children. She listened to CJ’s heartbeat.” Harry

“Nurses check people if they’re poorly. The nurse had 4 uniforms, soap; she had a special watch and a badge.” Bobby


Next week we are going to be making craft items linked to what we might see in a Doctor’s bag.

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