7th May 2020

Hello everyone, for numeracy today I thought you could write some simple sums on paper and use cheerios to add them up onto the pasta. You could even use string and pasta instead if have no playdough. Reading sums is quite tricky so your child may need help. If it is too difficult, then you could always get them to count an amount of cheerios and just add one (speaking to your child verbally instead of reading sums).

Using long sticks in the garden, stick them into the grass and hang a piece of rope across them…now you have a blending line! You can use this to make words out of written letter cards…when I have done this with previous classes they have loved it! Encourage your child to sound out the different letters and blend them together to make a word! Simple but very effective activity!

As you are aware it is the 75th anniversary for VE day on Friday…some of you may be decorating your home. So, I thought the children could help to and make their own bunting out of paper. Your child could decorate the bunting with the union jack flag design, aeroplanes or soldiers.

I also found this idea online. Cut out a war plane shape to put onto plain paper, sponge paint around it and lift it off to see the planes outline.

I hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and also don’t forget to clap tonight for all of the keyworkers!

Stay safe,

Miss Smith

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