6th May 2020

Hello everyone! I have attached se ideas for today…

For literacy today I thought your child could try and write a little story like the one ‘Dear Zoo’. Children can draw an animal and design their own door and if you child is a confident writer, then they can fill in some missing gaps in a sentence (with help). If this is difficult, then try to encourage to make marks to show they are trying to write letters. Or even just write their name on the sheet to show that it is their work.

I also thought children could write letters in paint today with cotton buds!

Playdough addition, all you need to do is roll playdough balls and add various amount together. Encourage children to learn what the symbol for addition means and use a variety of words such as add and plus so children can learn a different words with the same meaning.

I hope you all have a fab day and are keeping well!

Miss Smith

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