5th May 2020

Hi everyone! I hope you are all ok.

Today I thought you could make a salt dough lockdown handprint. So, you have probably seen people doing it online, you make the salt dough, roll it out, press your hand into it and then let it dry. Afterwards, once dried your child can decorate it.

For maths today I thought you could ask children to add objects together. You can find things around the home that interest your child such as small figures, make two piles and then add them together. Ensure your child uses their fingers to help them add the different numbers together.

For phonics, if you have chalk, go out doors and do some chalking on the floor. Ask your child to write initial sounds or even cvc words if they can!

I have added another creative/imaginative roleplay idea below. Make a cage to put zoo animals in which links to yesterdays story ‘Dear Zoo’. Once you make the cage, play with your child and encourage them to play imaginatively with animal figures.

I hope you have a lovely,

Miss Smith

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