5th June 2020

Hello everyone, I have uploaded some activities for today…

Firstly, read Elmer and Rose on YouTube and discuss the book.

To link in with the book, decorate a paper plate like Elmer or Rose.

I thought this was a good idea, make a hole in the middle and use a sock as the elephants trunk!

For phonics, use balloons or water balloons and write different letter on them. Ask your child to choose a letter, if they get he correct one then they can throw it and pop it!

For maths today play splat the number. Put lots of numbers on the floor and children have to splat the correct one. To make it more difficult question children with more difficult questions such as:

“Splat one less than…”

“Splat one more than…”

I hope you have a lovely day and weekend!

Miss Smith

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