4th May 2020

Hello everyone. Today I have uploaded a story called ‘Dear Zoo’ for you to share with your children. I have then based some activities around the book 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the story, now here are some activities…

I thought that maybe you could wrap up some animal teddies or figures and pretend to post them. Children have to discuss the initial sound of the animal and write it on a little note to stick onto the package. You could also get your child to write their name on the note (this will give them purpose for writing their name and letters).

For numeracy, I thought you could count different amounts of pasta to feed to animal teddies. You could even do addition by adding two different sets of pasta up.

A nice and easy hand print activity! Design different animals using your childs handprints…I’m sure they will enjoy this!

Have a fab day,

Miss Smith

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