3rd June 2020

Today I thought that you could make a moving jelly fish. All you need to do is, cut out and decorate a jelly fish (or any sea creature). Then, stick it onto a lolly stick and feed it through a decorated paper plate.

I also thought that you could read online ‘The Rainbow Fish’ to tie in with the activity. Furthermore, research animals that live in the sea and make a list with your child what animals you find.

For maths today, please could you learn how one less that a given number. Show your child the number line that I provided you and show then how to jump one backwards. Now, show your child a number and they need to find it on the number line, jump one back and tell you the answer.

For phonics please play a game of pulling letters out of a box and try to make words up with the letters. Discuss if the word you made is real or nonsense.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Miss Smith

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