30th April 2020

Find different sized objects around the home to compare sizes. Next, either use hula hoops or chalk circles on the floor and then children have to put the objects into the correct category for small, medium and big. Make sure you encourage children to compare and use the correct language to match the objects. To progress your childs vocabulary further discuss different words that mean the same thing such as ‘tiny’ for small.

A method used for teaching early phonics is ‘sound buttons’. To make this activity interesting for children, use playdough for the sound buttons underneath letters. Then, press each letter and children have to make the sound to match. Now, children have to blend the word together.

I have been looking for a nice and simple creative activity. I found this, basically all you need to do is paint pasta and then thread it onto ribbon or string to make beautiful necklaces or bracelets. You could even make then as little presents to give to your loved ones.

I hope you have a fantastic day and don’t forget to clap for all of the keyworkers tonight:)

Stay safe,

Miss Smith

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