29th April 2020

The weather was very gloomy yesterday 🙁

Today, I thought you could do some easy activities following on from the story Handa’s Surprise.

First of all, I thought that your child could do a blind folded taste test. Pop on a blind fold and guess the fruits that they eat. I also thought that you could make a fruit salad. Here is a link to a simple recipe.


Next, using different fruits I thought your child could do some observational painting or drawing of them.

For maths, put different fruits into size order. As part of the EYFS curriculum children should be able to order 3 things in size order, so this is a good activity to be practising. If your child finds this too easy, then order more than 3 pieces.

For phonics draw some simple pictures and children have to write the initial sound of the pictures. If this is a little difficult, then get your child to just say the sound.

I hope these activities help you today.

Take care,

Miss Smith

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