28th April 2020

First of all read ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’, if you do not have the story don’t worry, you could watch it on YouTube. Discuss the sizes of Baby bears belongings, Mummy bears and Daddy bears. Discuss the difference between small and big and also discuss the story too.

Next, for maths we are firstly going to sort different objects from around the home into big and small piles. If this is too easy then sort a medium pile too.

For phonics, if possible do a matching sounds game (see pic below).

You could use stones to write on or if not just make lots of little letter cards with paper. You could also make words with the cards too.

I have also attached an easy to make fine motor activity below for your child to do too…

All you need is playdough or blue tac even, cheerios and some spaghetti. Child have to carefully place the cheerios onto the spaghetti. You could even turn this into a maths game by asking your child to count them or put certain amounts on.

I hope you all have a fantastic day.

Miss Smith.

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