23rd April 2020

Hi everyone, today I thought you could create a caterpillar number line. Children can cut out circles, write numbers on and then stick them down to make a long number line.

I also thought that you could go on a colour hunt. This is an easy activity to create at home and you can look for things inside your home or outdoors.

For phonics today please practise the phase two sounds on YouTube which is under ‘Jolly Phonics phase two sounds in order’. You can also practise writing the sounds and looking for things beginning with some of the sounds please.

I thought making bugs out of natural leaves was a fantastic idea to do at home and the materials are easily accessible too. This will keep children busy as they need to collect all of the leaves first.

Also as it is St George’s day you could also make a St George’s flag to celebrate.

I hope you are all keeping well…also dont forget to clap for all of the keyworkers tonight at 8pm!

Miss Smith.

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