1st May 2020

Morning everyone, I hope you are all ok. I have uploaded some activities to complete today…

You may have seen online that you can buy ‘pocket hugs’ to send to family and friends. Well, you can actually make it even more personal and make them. All you need to do is follow the recipe for making salt dough, use a playdough or biscuit cutter, wait for them to dry and then decorate them. Next, you just need to stick them onto paper or card and write a nice message like the one above. They can be put in the oven on the lowest setting to dry them out or just left to dry near a radiator or warm area. I am definitely going to do these with my little girl over the weekend, I think it’s a lovely, personalised idea!

For phonics, I thought you could make a little list of words and your child could put a smiley face next to the real ones and a sad face next to silly ones. The words above are a little tricky, so use cvc words such as pan, pit, sas, tac etc.

For maths, please recap the big, medium and small activities. Your child could even do some drawings to represent sizes. For example, draw a small person, medium sized person and a big person.

For another activity over the weekend you could make your own wind charms like the ones below.

I hope you have a fab weekend!

Miss Smith

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