14th May 2020

Today, on a large piece of paper write lots of numbers on it. On sticky notes, write different sums (you can make them as hard or easy as you like). Now, children can use objects to add the amounts on the sums and then stick the sum onto the corresponding answer. Help your child to add the sums and find the number if necessary.

Use chalk to write lots of cvc words on the floor outdoors. Call out a word and help children to find it to wash it off!

This is an easy creative activity to do at home…find lots of leaves, paint then and print them onto paper.

There are lots of dandelions about now, so use them to make some beautiful pictures like the one above. If you can’t find any then you could use different flowers!

Another simple fine motor activity that you can do at home is teach your child how to make a daisy chain…I’m sure they would love to do this!

Keep safe, and don’t forget to clap tonight!

Miss Smith

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