Prayer Space


Prayer is used everyday at St Andrew’s as a natural part of our school life.  Children are invited to pray and reflect during worship, in class and individually. Quiet prayer and reflection spaces are available around school. These include the indoor Prayer Garden, class prayer corners and the outdoor Peace Garden. Children are invited to write and share their own prayers from home.

This prayer space is intended to enable us to share our prayers and focus on those currently in need. If you would like to add a prayer to the prayer space, please send your prayer into school via the office or by the school email account.

14th February 2020

The worship committee wanted to pray for people affected by Storm Ciara.

Dear God,

Help the people in need, as a result of recent floods.

We pray for their safety.

Please give shelter to people who have had to leave their homes.

Thank you for providing food and water and for giving us life.

We promise we will help to take care of your beautiful world.

Thank you for giving us your ten commandments as rules to live by.

Please forgive those who do not always follow your rules.

Keep us all safe during our half term break.


26th June 2019

Dear Lord,

We pray for refugees across the world. Find them a place of safety where they can flourish with their families. We pray for asylum seekers in our country and pray that they are treated with dignity and love.


23rd July 2019

Dear God,

We pray for children in The Gambia who are not as fortunate as we are. We give thanks for Sandy and her team who work to provide the children with an education, care and additional resources.